The Author

Hello there! I’m Marti McWrite, though you might also know me as Marti Silvestre. By day, I’m a writer and narrative explorer; by night, a gamer diving deep into the emotional landscapes of the digital realm.

Comedy was my childhood dream, a bright star always seemingly out of reach due to my shyness. I sought refuge in books and, for a while, let academia dictate my story. However, there came a point where I felt like a character in someone else’s tale, prompting me to rewrite my narrative and rediscover my passions.

Now, I’m crafting my debut novel while sharing literary insights with fellow creatives. My journey caught the eye of Moshbit Gaming, and I’ve been sharing my perspectives on video games with them ever since. Sometimes, the winds of fate lead me to review games live on Twitch.

Join me as we journey through tales, games, and the intricate threads that connect us all.

Did You Know? A Glimpse Into My World:

  • 🧠 Personality Type: INFJ – I might be rare, but I bet we’ll connect on a deep level.
  • 🐱 Feline Affection: I’m a proud cat lover. Whiskers and purrs over everything!
  • 🍍 Food Unpopular Opinion: Pineapple belongs on pizza. There, I said it.
  • 🚗 Movie Take: “Back to the Future 2” reigns supreme in the trilogy. Fight me!
  • 🎮 Gaming Roots: My initiation to Mario? A Game and Watch. Retro at heart.
  • 🕹️ Gaming Passion: Die-hard Nintendo enthusiast, but also can’t resist the allure of the PSVR2 on the PS5.
  • 👻 Gaming Ghost Bane: If you ever see a ghost named Kenneth in Phasmophobia, warn me. He has it out for me.

Achievements & Collabs

  • Comic Con Portugal 2022:

    Amidst the radiant fervor of Comic Con Portugal, I found myself bathed in spotlight, sharing the stage with a fellow game reviewer, Telmo Couto (Meus Jogos) Our discussion? The world of Nintendo, a realm of boundless wonder and pixelated tales.

    🎥 Watch the Full Panel

  • LGWGameplay – Lisboa Games Week

    The hallowed grounds of Lisbon Games Week beckoned, and I answered its call. In collaboration with the LGWGameplay initiative, I delved into spirited discussions, breathing life into virtual realities and the art of game reviewing.

  • Crítica e Jornalismo de Videojogos (2020) – Glitch Effect

    Proud to be featured in Glitch Effect’s gaming journal, Dive into a world of pixelated adventures and narrative intricacies as you explore my contribution.

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All support is appreciated, but never required. Just liking and sharing my content, and hanging out with me on stream is more than enough 🙂