Animal Crossing: Summer outfits

The Summer is about to go in the Northern hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons (and, well, IRL too), which means we have to make sure we have the cutest summer outfits before our dear Able Sisters replace their collections with warmer clothes. I selected a few outfits I loved, and here they are, with all items listed below so you can find them more easily.

#1 Red Garden

  • Hula top (red)
  • Floral skirt
  • Comfy Sandals
  • Straw pochette
  • Tortoise specs

#2 Quirky Tourist

  • Front-tie button down shirt
  • Worn-out cutoffs
  • Mesh Cap
  • Tortoise specs
  • Ribbon Sandals
  • Hand-knit pouch

#3 I'm adorable

  • Dolly shirt
  • Flare skirt
  • Ribbon
  • Round tinted shades
  • Ballet slippers
  • Mom’s knapsack

#4 Cutesy Pirate (No Gulliver's items)

  • Front-tie tee
  • Striped shorts
  • Glengarry
  • Antique boots
  • Shellfish pochette

#5 Beach Walk

  • Front-tie tee
  • Yacht shorts
  • Wide-brim straw hat
  • Round shades
  • Zori
  • Mini pleather bag

#6 Green Aloha

  • Hula top
  • Green grass skirt
  • Cute rose crown
  • Flower sandals

#7 Beach Walk II

  • Tube top
  • Worn-out cuttoffs
  • Wide-brim straw hat
  • Round shades
  • Mini pleather bag

#8 Rock Fest

  • Skull tee
  • Worn-out cutoffs
  • Headband
  • Round shades
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Faux-fur bag

#9 Surf Swag

  • Front-tie tee
  • Comic shorts
  • Baseball cap
  • Pilot shades
  • Slip-on sandals
  • Crossbody boston bag

#10 I am Lily

  • Zigzag dress
  • Lily
  • Vinyl round-toed pumps
  • Cherry-blossom pochette (Note: it’s a spring DIY, but looked good withing this outfit).

#11 Mermaid Tales

  • Shell dress
  • Barrette
  • Rose
  • Mermaid shoes
  • Shellfish pochette (Noter: Summer DIY)

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