Papergang March Box review

When I saw that Papergang pink box, I couldn’t resist ordering another one. Artist Amy Hastings designed March’s box, and she brought us that 50s diner mood. I only got two boxes, but I can tell this is my favorite so far. The items are the best!

March Box items:

  •  A6 Detective Notebook (64 pages)
  • 4 Sticker Sheets
  • 2 Greeting cards (plus envelope)
  • Enamel “Creative Juice” Pin
  • 12 Coloring Pencils (with motivational messages) and a carrying pouch


  •  The art and color are unique!
  • Again, the quality is excellent.
  • The pencils are good, and the motivational quotes are lovely.
  • The pin is the best! It’s bigger than I thought, so I’ll probably stick it to one of my backpacks. Or the pencil-carrying pouch!


These aren’t exactly cons, only my personal preference.

  • The notebook is lined, so I’m not going to use those gorgeous pencils there.
  • Stickers are never enough for me and, being that pretty, I so wanted a couple more sheets!
  • Though the greeting cards are adorable, I’d rather trade them for another office supply. Those extra stickers I mentioned above, for example.
  • If the pouch was slightly bigger, I could stuff there my February Box’s pen and scissor too!

Final thoughts

 Another drawback I found was that shipping take too long, even for pandemic shipping times.
Other than that, I’m so happy with this month’s box! It’s beautiful and useful! Sadly I didn’t really like the April Box, so I’m going to skip it.

Note: I included my referral link. Though I am not affiliated to Papergang, I get points for each referee. It includes a 4£ discount for you. 

If you haven’t, check my review of Papergang’s February Box here!


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